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Do you have a headcanon why Virus and Trip dont like being called twins? they seem very defensive when Aoba asked them

I get the feeling Virus and Trip don’t realize how close they are. They’ll spend their entire lives together, glued to the hip and almost NEVER seen without each other, but still insist they’re nothing more than associates. So for someone to assume such a close connection between them is irritating when they feel they’re only loosely associated.

idk if you're following the anime or not, but in the latest episode Vitri tell Aoba they had their ears surgically modified to block out Scrap. What do you think about this?

It’s a much simpler explanation for why Scrap doesn’t work on them than what Aoba tells us in Re:C lmao 

I kind of like the old explanation better just because it’s more abstract and weird, but either one is fine. I imagine they changed it to that b/c it was a quicker way to explain why Aoba couldn’t just Scrap himself out of vitri’s grasp. I doubt they’re going to make a second season with Re:Connect content so they’d have no chance to get into the whole “They’re empty” explanation in, and modifying their ears is an easy way to close up that plot hole in the anime.

i havent seen it yet i’ve been on busses and doing homework all day sob sob i should be writing my lab report

I don't know what a "confabulatory crown" is... But I'm ready for it. Oh yeah.

 the replacement of a gap in a person’s memory by falsification that he or she believes to be true.

i think how i imagined it was a crown that put false memories into the wearer. idk i just wanted something w/ a reference to kings or crowns or royalty b/c my name is King and i think it’s cute.

i’ve been wanting to change it for a while but i think it’s a little too late for that

AU where everything’s the same but sometimes vitri get in comfy clothes and snuggle a lot

comfy AU

im sorry if this has already been talked about, but do you have any headcanons as to why scrap didn't work on vitri?

I do! I personally think it comes down to three reasons

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They probably wouldn't have names. Just numbers.

at that point yeah they had those numbered collars

but they still had to have had names before they were collared. not that it matters to me b/c i’d never be content with any suggested names. especially if they’re european names tbh

I don't even think his real name is Virus he probably got a really lame name like Steve or something

I’m still married to the headcanon that “Virus” and “Trip” were just rhyme names that they stuck with for various reasons. given their line(s) of work having a vague alias like that is probably helpful.

if I had to imagine what their real names were I like the idea that their names are almost the same. Just different characters, like Daiki (大輝) and Daiki (大貴) or something. and maybe the similarity causes a mix-up at the facility they were in that lead to them meeting.

i wouldn’t call that a headcanon tho that’s just a thought i had

What do you think about red head Trip with freckles?

oh no… he’s too cute with freckles. destroy him

more comfy hoodie time (feat. red head trip upon request)

if u want extra sappy virus is humming this song


Based off confabulatorycrown 's picture 

Have a Virus w/out glasses, floppy hair, and in a hoodie.

omg you look comfy as hell <3 too cute

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